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  • KnightWRX
    Dec 31, 07:48 AM
    ok, I'm sorry but how the hell do you know what I do or don't understand about nutrition?? your presumptions are offensive

    And yours about me weren't ? Look, I made my presumptions based on some facts you posted :

    - Too busy to work out (which isn't an issue for weight control)
    - Having to lose weight (Doctor's orders)
    - Thinking Yoga is an effective weight control.
    - No mention of food.

    I made a presumption that you don't understand the basic premise of weight control. I hope my post at least opened up your eyes and you can go from there to learn what works for you, with your busy schedule, instead of thinking a busy schedule is a reason to stay the way you are.

    This is her choice. It effects her and her family, not you. I forgot how God declared that fat people go straight to hell, because being fat is so evil...

    It's her choice up to a point. There's nothing wrong with 20 lbs overweight, give or take a few. Doctors will always tell you to be in the "zone" (healthy weight with a BMI between 18-25) but mostly there isn't much harm until later in life. Just like there's nothing wrong with taking fast food in reasonable quantities, or smoking if done occasionally.

    However, what she is doing is not just affecting her and her family. Morbid obesity affects all of society, be it through requiring services reserved for the disabled (she's not really disabled, she just chooses to be). The problem, like in all things bad for you (fast food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, whatever) is not occasional use, it's abuse. This woman has an abusive food consumption. Your examples are wrong because they try to equate what she is doing with what people are doing within reason. Your list should have been more :

    - Alcoholics should be able to stay that way! There's nothing wrong with 2 glasses of gin to wake up
    - 3 packs a day of smokes is perfectly fine!
    - Gambling all your money away and then borrowing some to gamble more is a person's choice!
    - You can never have enough Crystal Meth.

    The fact is, these are abusive tendencies which stem from deeper problems or addictions.

    BTW, I run about 5 km, 5 days a week. I ski (doing mostly Park, so climbing uphill on foot dragging my equipment), I do weight lifting too. I think I can sit and post on Macrumors a few times :D

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 12, 09:00 AM
    For ATT, Verizon and Sprint.

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  • bpfesq
    Apr 26, 12:36 PM
    There will be a new product coming out for those that want a free product. It is called The Obamacloud. It will be free to everyone that is on foodstamps, social security and Medicare. The Chinese will underwrite the debt from the startup costs. The product will cost $25000 a month for those rich people because they can afford to subsidize everyone else and they should be willing to pay their share.

    Unfortunately, it won't be available until December 2012 because they will need to make sure you voted for the entitlement party first.

    Please keep partisan diatribes full of hyperbole and nonsense out of this forum. It's invaded too many aspects of our lives already--so please, give it a rest.

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  • BlueMars
    Jul 25, 03:56 PM
    Just a story...
    The announcer swings his hand towards one corner of the ring, "And in this corner, with the full weight of Microsoft behind it...a device that will play your will play your doesn't even have too, too many's the challenger, the mother of all iPod's the one....the only...THE MIGHTY....ZUUUUUUUUNE!" (Polite applause from the audience.)

    The announcer then waves his hand towards the other side of the ring as the crowd now rises to their feet, cheering raucously.
    "And in this corner, we have your undisputed champ...showing off a new's your video iPod!! With controls that simply...vanish...when you take your hand away?!?"
    The announcer rolls his eyes, and motions, and in wheels the mechanical broom and dust pan. It whacks the Zune into little pieces, sweeps up the debris, then whirrs away.

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  • -aggie-
    Apr 29, 11:59 AM
    I scanned eldiablojoe last night. He is a WW.

    Edit: Got out of the hospital and have been sleeping mostly since then. Now I wait for the biopsy results. Thanks for all those concerned.

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  • blueroom
    Dec 31, 06:09 PM
    you gotta feel sorry for the poor abused toilet. I can imagine the reamed out plumbing.
    Oh the horror.

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  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 22, 03:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Is it a bad thing that apple doesn't want to increase the size of the iPhone? There are people who want/accept huge phones but the fact remains that the motorola razr is historically one of the most successful phones and people criticized the iPhone on its realease for it's size.

    The majority of the market wants smaller phones. Apple should go after that

    Also. Re: innovation. Ever hear of. Um. The iPhone? Or the iPad?

    It will add a few more onces and drain a little bit more battery. That is what will happen and that is not a worthwhile thing to apple.

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  • saving107
    Apr 14, 01:32 PM
    Nope, I've never enabled them before on my iPad as I'm not an official Apple developer and I didn't have access to the beta release that included this feature in the past.


    I can't confirm this because I already had Gestures enabled once and with every new update, it hasn't gone away. But if they are now enabled without needing XCode, then I guess enjoy because I love using these Gestures (I rarely use the Home button anymore).

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  • mr yellow
    Oct 24, 09:32 AM
    It seems to me that Apple play games with their users, just a little bit.

    Unless I'm mistaken, 1st gen MBP had 7200 HD option but no FW800.

    This time the FW800 gets put back but the 7200 option is taken away, with the moral being "buy a 17" if you need both of these features">

    I'm the same as one of the previous posters, for my audio app (Ableton Live) there's no way I'd splash that sort of cash on a MBP with a 5400 drive.

    Oh well, if my PB gives up the ghost, I'll have to tgo for a 17" (which I don't wwant to do) or buy a PC. Failing that, Im a-waiting for Santa Rosa.

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  • Chase R
    Dec 4, 03:38 PM
    well, im only 17 and .223 is just to expensive for me to shoot...

    and I dont know why I like the sig so much, I was at gander mountain the other day, and was feeling out all of the other .22's and it just feels the best to me...

    it's going to be ether the sig, or the smith and wesson M&P 15-22. that is a nice gun also...

    The .223 is pretty cheap to shoot if you buy bulk ammo. You can get 500 rounds for less than $150.

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  • PghLondon
    May 1, 05:27 AM
    Of course there is. iOS runs on two currently available Apple smartphone models: 3GS and 4. The iOS that runs on these phones is sufficiently different in feature sets from the iOS that runs on Tablets, media consumption devices, and Apple TVs:
    -Larger resolution on tablets
    -Communications handled separately - No phone app or visual voicemail on Tablet or iPod Touch
    -No installable apps on Apple TV

    AppleTV isn't being counted. If it had apps, it would be. For now, while it's running iOS "under the hood", Apple and analysts aren't actually mentioning that or using it in counts.

    And the differences between iPad / iPod / iPhone are orders of magnitude less than the differences between the ultra-high and ultra-low ends of what is being counted as Android "phones".

    This whole "smartphone OS" is something dreamed up in the last few weeks by Android apologists, after the numbers showed that Apple has the most popular OS and the most popular piece(s) of hardware in the mobile industry.

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  • smugDrew
    Apr 14, 03:51 AM
    I heard the iphone 5 is delayed because the HTC Sensation has sent Apple back to the drawing board.

    Spamming Fandroid.

    I'm happier with a late 2011 release for iPhone 5.

    Will be out of cash after buying MBA'11 and overseas holidays anyway ;)

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  • AHDuke99
    Apr 14, 03:32 PM
    That animation crap only started with 4.3. The previous releases were all fine.

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  • MacAddict1978
    Apr 26, 09:03 PM
    Amazon charges its cloud service too. Why should Apple give anything away for free? :rolleyes:

    Amazon does give a decent amount of free storage. 5 Gigs for music is pretty impressive. I have a 20 Gig collection, but I'd only need about 3 to store the stuff I'd really want on a whim anyway.

    Would apple give it to you free for a few purchases like amazon? Hmm.

    Personally, I don't see much use for such services except as a backup solution. Sure it would be convenient to want to hear some odd ball track and being able to pull it from the cloud, but my life wouldn't end, and I wouldn't pay money for the novelty of it.

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  • wvuwhat
    Nov 25, 04:21 AM


    "He's HEATING Up"

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  • Queso
    Jul 25, 11:26 AM
    What if he is?
    Then good for him, but if he's that much of a power user, he's looking at a redesign of the PowerMac case, not a mini-tower.

    Point is that there ARE lots of people who like to expand their systems.
    Yeah, lots of gamers. But they aren't going to buy Macs anyway are they?

    To them, iMac is completely unsuitable, and PowerMac is simply too much (too much space, too much technology, too much money, you name it). There have been LOTS of people saying that they would love to see a relatively inexpensive Mac that is expandable. iMac is not that. Neither is PowerMac.
    You want a huge selection of models, each one suited to your particular needs? Apple tried the multiple models approach back in the 90s and nearly went bankrupt as a result. Keeping the range small means they have tight control on inventory and can dedicate the Apple Stores to showing what Macs can do. So far it's brought the company a lot of money.

    What happens if the screen in the iMac breaks down? The whole computer becomes useless. What if you need faster vid-card? you have to buy a new computer. All-in-one has it's benefits, but it has it's drawbacks, and there are lots of people who do not want those drawbacks.
    You may as well throw these criticisms at laptops. However, they sell. Apple mini-towers traditionally don't.

    Yes, minitower (for example) has it's drawbacks as well, but there are lots of people who would be willing to accept those drawback for the benefits such a system offers.
    But obviously not enough from the studies Apple have conducted, otherwise where is it?

    Well good for you. How that helps ME is beyond me.
    Just showing how the iMac does have "desirability" for hundreds of thousands of real buyers, something some posters here seem to refute.

    Are we using somekind of miniature-desks or something? I have a rather typical desk, and it currently has a Mac Mini, a TFT-screen, old, huge printer that does not work, and it still has plenty of space for mouse, keyboard and other items.
    Yeah, I used to have one of those, then I realised how much wasted space it was causing and ditched it for a smaller one. You obviously live in a bigger place than me, but then for me it's location, location, location :)

    And that "small metallic box" means that your iMac loses that all-in-one elegance it now has.
    I don't care about "all-in-one elegance". I didn't buy an iMac because it matches the curtains. I just want something that takes up minimum space. The iMac does that perfectly.

    Some of us would be willing to accept that. A minitower would consume about as much desk-space as two Mac Mini's. That's more than reasonable IMO.
    But only SOME of you. Why aren't Apple releasing a mini-tower? Jobs' arrogance or because they don't think it'll sell in enough quantity to justify it? As for two Mac minis, the case would have to be a standard depth to fit standard parts, otherwise we're back in the realm of special Mac versions of hardware.

    Let's wait and see what comes out at WWDC. The G5 case had to be enormous for cooling reasons. The MacPro might be a lot smaller, fitting your requirements much closer whilst keeping Apple's range in check.

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  • QCassidy352
    Jul 10, 10:43 AM
    great news. I'd love to use iwork instead of office which is slow and crashy, but pages just doesn't cut it for me right now. What I'd really love is for pages to have a "notebook" kind of view like word does because that's much more convenient for taking notes in class.

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  • h0mi
    Apr 29, 09:25 PM
    Amazon also expanded their $5 album selection to about a thousand instead of the usual hundred. But I think that is just for this week.

    My only beef with their mp3s is the category chosen in the mp3 tags. I bought some Christmas music that was tagged as miscellaneous not Christmas... That is annoying.

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  • Moyank24
    Apr 29, 07:50 PM
    Look a the bright side. You are also stuck with Plutonius.

    Right you are. Can we vote Appleguy out of the afterlife if he starts annoying me?

    Apr 14, 02:45 AM
    iPad running Mac OS 9! Just what I always wanted!

    Oct 21, 12:33 PM

    Apr 13, 03:14 PM
    If true, it could be absolutely huge. Truly landmark. Imagine if Apple could somehow do the the TV industry what they did to nearly every other industry (segment) they're in?

    The possibilities are pretty astounding. This is the Apple of folks. They have the money, drive, talent and momentum to get into any market and shake things up with a very good chance of success, and make the established players look totally flat-footed in the process.

    No this isn't a good idea. What would Apple do with your TV that would be so neat? They can't make the picture any better than the TV manufacturers that they would have to buy the panels from. So what improvement would they make? How is your TV currently hard to use? Apple TV gets their iOS on the set for $100, so their software is already there. You just Airplay off of your iPhone onto the wi-fi receiver and, boom, you have control of the TV.

    Also, look at Apple's recent successes. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad were not entries into mature markets. The iPhone was competing against smartphones and that isn't (and still isn't) a mature market. The iPod and iPad were of course still very new areas. TVs have been around for decades and I'm not even sure if you can say the switch to LCD screens was even that big an improvement from what we had 20 years ago. The profit has been squeezed out of this industry.

    Aug 15, 01:36 PM
    I believe icerabbit was referring to a feature to restore an item to its original location once putting it in the trash. Windows has this feature in the recycle bin and it's a handy little feature.

    This isn't to do with Time Machine as the user has not yet deleted the item from the Trash and the system.

    Sorry IceRabbit i misread your post. My bad! :o

    Mar 15, 08:48 PM
    I might go back tomorrow... but unlikely. We'll see. I should've just gone to FI in the first place instead of going to the Irvine Spectrum, that way I would've landed the one that I wanted, ATT 64gb, four out of five people got this morning.

    Oh well, I'm not sweating it too much as I am still one of the first on the reservation list at my Best Buy.

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