Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-07 03:21 PM
    I noticed The thread that I posted yday got deleted. I smell something fishy here

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  • guyfromsg
    09-02 10:19 PM
    It's Filipino community.

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  • xwndtkot
    06-23 11:34 AM
    Hello, I am on the same boat... kinda...

    I submitted the application with supporting doc paper base on June 2 and they receieved and signed the package on June 7 to NSC

    Til today check was not cashed. I called the service center and the lady told me to wait til July 8 to call them again and they will look in to it... and she said since it's summer time NSC is backing up.... and it does take up to 30 days to get anything.

    (However, I have been reading... ppl efile seem have better luck to get any movement... some ppl got the EAD card within 20 days!!!!!)

    I read some ppl also did paper and after a month... they go for the efile... but I still did not hear if that would creat any problems...

    I don't mind to waste the 340 if it can make my EAD processed....

    I would rather have the card in my hand then check my checking account everyday to see if the check was cashed....

    anyone did both paper and efile after one another and got approved????

    anything helps!


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  • marinash
    04-02 12:22 PM
    I have a question. Our files are stuck in the Chicago local office (after our interview last year) and the only thing pending is the Namecheck, which has been pending for more than 180 days. Our PD is current. Is anyone in the same position?

    It is frustrating because you do not get any LUDs when your files are in the local office and I have no indication whether the Chicago officeis processing cases with NC pending > 180 days. Anyone knows?


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  • eldrick
    07-24 11:04 AM
    Can please someone help me? Thanks

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  • zeal2005
    03-02 01:31 PM
    Its hard to say what is SAME OR SIMILAR. I am stuck up with the same issue. My GC was filed for the position of Software Engineer and I changed the job with same responsibilities but job title is Project Manager. My attorney is not comfortable with that even though the responsibiities are same in the new job.
    Its better not take this AC21 path unless you are 100% sure that your new job is same as the old job.
    Experts please advise.


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  • english_august
    01-14 07:59 AM
    This is an awesome community folks. I was able to get enough people to respond to this thread and the NPR reporter was surprised and very happy that we could do this even on a weekend.

    Thanks a lot to everyone who responded.

    Also, if you are available to talk to media in the future, please send me a PM after making sure that your contact information in the IV profile is correct.

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  • go_guy123
    12-22 01:10 PM
    could this be true?

    GOP version means more enforcements for "undocumented" immigrants.


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  • semiconductor
    03-17 06:59 PM
    thanks validv.......what do you mean by other things they will ask.....can you please elaborate

    And also, will it be OK for me to do a change of status in May as schools will only open in May and my company will inform INS only in May?
    And will there be a problem with my pay stubs, once I get a job and change to H1 again?

    Thanks again

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  • pansworld
    12-05 03:17 PM
    Please send me a PM if you would like to join.


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    10-25 11:02 AM

    DUBLIN (Reuters) - Thousands of Irish citizens living unlawfully in the United States could be legalised in return for more work permits for U.S. citizens lured to Ireland by its thriving economy, an Irish minister said on Wednesday.

    "There is clear evidence to support the establishment of some form of bilateral agreement between the U.S. and Irish governments," Labour Minister Tony Killeen said in a statement after he returned from a trip to New York.

    Killeen said that, while 30,000 to 40,000 illegal Irish immigrants were living in the United States, two centuries of mass emigration to the United States from Ireland because of famine and unemployment was clearly now at an end.

    Ireland's Trade and Employment Ministry said more than 4,300 Americans immigrated to Ireland in search of employment in 2005, compared with 1,700 Irish people moving to the United States, where more than 10 percent of the population claims Irish descent.

    Killeen said a jobs fair in New York showed how appealing Ireland had become in the wake of the "Celtic Tiger" boom.

    "The interest expressed by Americans to come and work in Ireland was so great that a queue more than two-and-a-half blocks long formed outside the exhibition venue," he said.

    "In less than 15 years, Ireland has gone from being the sick man of Europe to one of the most dynamic economies in the developed world."

    Killeen told Reuters in New York last week that Ireland would also try to lure Irish and U.S. citizens back to Ireland where the population is now back above 4 million, having slumped to a 120-year low of 2.8 million in the 1960s.

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  • bkarnik
    03-08 02:13 PM
    This is my opinion only (not IV's).

    My feeling is that the Iraq Accountability Act and other similar bills that will be flooding the Congress with the Democrats in majority should have a minimal impact if any on the CIR. First, the CIR whenever it is introduced will be referred to the Judiciary committees of the Senate and House for markup. After the Judiciary committee is done, then the modified version will come before the entire Senate and House for additional discussion, debate, amendments, etc. before going to a vote. Assuming the bills are passed by the Senate and House, they will have a conference to sort out the differences in the House and Senate bills and then this final version of the bill will be placed before the House and Senate for a final vote. Once, this vote takes place and the bill is passed, then it goes to the President for signature.

    In a nutshell, the CIR will alongwith other bills be processed in a parallel manner. A lot is in the hands of the Senate Majority Leader (sen. Reid) and House Speaker (Rep. Pelosi) in when and how long they want to schedule a debate on any bill that has passed through committee and is ready for floor action.


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  • ursosweet
    12-10 08:48 AM
    Hello everone.
    My 140 was approved in september (EB2; IN) and i belong to july 2 VB fiasco.
    i was just checking my case status online and i noticed that my LUD for 140 (which has been approved) was changed to december 2007.

    what does that mean?? i hope its not an RFE or rejection after approval just like some other people on the forum.
    Can anyone please help me out.


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  • ramus
    07-05 08:45 PM
    Thank you..

    Can you please post your question on this thread

    ---- Please continue any discussion on this topic in the thread whose link is provide above. OP - please delete this thread or ask the mods to do the delete. Hope you understand that extra threads arent good.


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  • dpp
    06-01 12:24 PM

    Please start a webfax campaign in support of the Amendment S.1249, being co-sponsored by senators Maria Cantwell (D-Wash), John Cornyn (R-Tex.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Orrin Hatch (R-Pa.), and Robert Bennett (R-Utah).

    There is no use just opposing the existing bill without proposing what we want actually.

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  • fester8542
    04-08 04:29 PM
    ok last one :beam:


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  • gccovet
    06-10 04:55 PM
    My attorney by mistake has applied for my ead renewal 10 days before the 120 time frame. I was supposed to send my application to USCIS by June 20th but my attorney sent it today and did this by mistake. can the gurus please explain me my options. i would hate to miss the line for being diligent. do they reject my application and if so will they send it back. can i apply a new app before i get this application back or do i have to wait till it comes back (if it comes back). what other negative implications should i be worried about.
    thanks for your advice

    Check out the following:

    especially this one.



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  • ashkam
    08-01 10:45 AM
    Is A# same as the A# on the Beneficiary field on I-140 approval notice?


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  • Dhundhun
    05-22 05:37 PM
    I94: The number should be same for all. You need a copy of most recent one. Although, layers have been taking copies of all I94s. To be on safer side, you can send copies of all I94s.

    AP: You can travel on valid AP. Return before it expires.

    Renewd AP: It will have new valid dates. When you get this (in USA) then you can use it for travel. I am not sure whether it is OK or not OK to tell friend to mail it in your country of visit and try to come back on this.

    07-11 05:41 PM

    I am in the following situation.

    1. I am going to complete my 6yrs of stay ( L1 period + H1 period) in USA by Dec 2008 (after adding my vacation time in India).

    2. I got H1 valid till June 2010 and got stamped on passport that valid till June 2010.
    ( USCIS approved H1 for me till 2010 eventhou I complete 6yrs by end of 2008)

    3. My LC was electronically filed in September 2007 in EB2 category in Chicago DOL. Got Audit in October 2007 on Business Necessity ground and was replied within due date.

    4. After several months of waiting (Audit response was accepted), it was denied on the following reason. "The internal job posting was not as per the DOL regulations".

    5. My Lawyer said, the notice that was submitted was in the proper format-the exact format specified by the regulations that applied for reconsideration

    He also mentioned that, he filed LC for other candidates with same job posting and got approval on their cases.

    6. Now, Atlanta is processing all permanent Labors. As there is a huge back log at Atlanta processing center, My lawyer suggested to apply a new application rather waiting on this reply.

    7. we need wait another 2 months ( for job ads and wait for response ) before even we can apply for new LC. even we apply some time in September 2008. I should get an approval immediately (as I am going to complete 6 yrs) otherwise I will be in trouble.

    Given the scenario, what are my options as I am on time crunch.....?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    07-20 03:33 PM
    Does anyone know if the B1 visa can be extended in US? The visa stamp on the passport is for 6months. when entered US, the officer granted 5.5 months of stay.......

    I am thinking I simply appy for B1 extension 30 days before I-94 expiry date and the actual visa stamp on the visa does not it true

    Thanks for your time!!

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