Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • _k_
    05-11 02:02 AM
    I came in US with my family when I was 15-16, back then we were on L2, then as time passed by we switched to H4. Then I turned 21 so I had to go on Student Visa (F1). Still living in US legally.

    Now my question is I've been staying in US over 10 years now, legally. I dont know if its rumor or not, but someone told me, that you can apply for Green Card if you lived in US over 10 years legally, is that true?
    Going through all that H1B process sounds really hectic. Also all my family members, friends and relatives are here, I don't know anyone back in my birthplace. any suggestions or tips, would help a bit.

    thanks :)

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  • webm
    02-20 01:11 PM
    Just a side note,you should send EAD/AP renewal applications only 120 days in advance not 180 days..according to the new rule set by USCIS.

    Sorry!!someone will answer your actual query..

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  • ssksubash
    02-16 06:19 PM

    I am in my 7th yr extension of H1B, last time I got the stamping in Ottawa in 2005. I cam e into US on F1 and never got H1B stamping in India. Am I eligible for H1B stamping in Canada for my 8th year or should I go to India to get the stamping done.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.


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  • nixstor
    09-07 10:04 PM
    3/4th of U S A sleeping :)


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  • GCIssues
    09-09 10:44 PM

    I appreciate your reply a lot.

    . My company people told me that they would be mailing the h1 transfer application on april 24. And hence i can join on April 28. So i joined and started working from them. i trusted my company and never asked for copy of receipt notice or case number. Few months later, i got H1b approval. Hence never thought there was any problem, until recently when i realized that Receipt Date on the H1b approval notice is May 15.

    This difference b/w my actual joining date i.e. April 28 and Receipt Date on H1b Notice i.e. May 15 is causing the concern

    Any advise in this regard is appreciated.

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  • manja
    05-23 03:17 PM
    who will be beneficiary? FB or EB?



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  • ca_jobsrch
    03-04 12:53 PM

    I am qualified in finance;started my career in finance & continued for 4 yrs. then switched over to SAP implementation ; for over 3 yrs now, i have been into SAP implementation projects. I have H1B approved for SAP work.
    Now, can I take up a job with a different title - say, "Finance Analyst" or "Corporate Finance"? I have been talking to various clients in California that are interested in offering me finance positions.

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  • chanduv23
    04-08 12:00 PM
    Just wanted to find out if you were aware if it makes any difference as to where you get your receipt from-- with respect to making an appointment(location).

    What I mean is, would it be OK to get receipt from a HDFC branch in Mumbai, if you were going to make an appointment with New Delhi Embassy ?

    Any experiences..?


    It is common to all consulates and Embassy, it can be used anywhere, it will be drawn in favour of US Embassy, New Delhi. HDFC bank will issue you what they have to give, so don't worry.


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  • zeorist123
    03-19 12:02 PM

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  • yabadaba
    10-03 03:31 PM
    lets do this. been a while.

    let the brickbats rain from those who want me to go to vatica and eat thali :D


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  • imaddin78
    03-20 10:25 AM
    i filed my case N-400 in August 2005 been interviewed on May 2006 and still waiting for FBI Name check from almost a year.

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  • Neocrack
    05-08 07:40 AM
    I used AP twice. Both times I gave only one of the AP sheets, which they stamped and returned back.


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  • satishbsk
    10-29 12:12 PM
    Hi friends,

    Based on the predictions for the November 7th 2006 elections for the House, looks like the democrats will grab a considerable amount of seats,
    viz - Democrats - around 228, Republicans - 205

    What do you guys think based on this? I hope starting from January 2007, there should be some light.

    Thinking ahead, We should work with the democrats, rather than republicans. Citizens of US, who immigrated from India should vote for Democrats and make them win this elections.


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  • kirupa
    12-24 05:27 AM
    Hi tanlee!
    Since you are running Expression Blend 3, you can just open the Page.xaml.cs C# file directly inside Blend itself and write your code.

    Kirupa :)


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  • avisala
    08-11 11:06 PM
    Check this out! a visa bulletin & processing time iPhone App.

    VisaProcs App provides you with the most recent visa bulletin and
    processing times for petitions and applications submitted to the USCIS.

    Here is the iTunes link:
    VisaProcs - Visa Bulletin & Service Centers Processing Time for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store (

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  • randallemery
    03-10 10:27 PM
    Over 100,000 demostrated in support of comprehesive immigration reform (which includes retrogression) in Chicago today:

    Nation wide rallies are planned for March 23rd.

    New MeetUp topic for various grassroots members just formed:


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  • martinvisalaw
    11-30 12:54 PM
    Thank you for replying. One more follow up question: Is acting without pay considered work and hence a violation ? Thanks in advance.

    Yes, acting without pay is working. You might not receive a benefit in financial terms, but you are getting other benefits - experience, publicity, etc.

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  • needhelp!
    09-28 01:45 PM

    Texas IV Members Conference Call

    WHEN: Saturday, September 29th, 2007 @ 12:00 PM NOON

    Call this number - 785-686-2400
    Please join the Texas State Chapter and obtain the PIN.

    See ya'll tomorrow

    Click and Join TEXAS IV Today: (

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    11-25 08:51 PM
    My I-485 was filed in month of August 2008 under EB2 .I was laid off from my I-485 sponsoring employer(A) in month of August 09 and i took another Job with employer (B) in same field in month of Sep 09. I did not file AC21 as my previous employer's(A) attorney advised not necessary to file AC21.Now I am getting new offer from another employer(C) in same position but this new employer(C) wants me to file AC21 .

    What are my options now? Should i file AC21 for employer (B) first and then file AC21 for employer (C) or should i directly file AC21 for employer (C).

    I will greatly appreciate your reply.

    11-12 09:11 AM
    I-140 belongs to the employer only, so it is up-to them to disclose the details. Unless you change employer without using AC21 clause, I-140 details won't be necessary.

    07-07 12:34 PM
    Why are you going to other forums for advice. Those other forums are after making money from traffic and ads. They want you to suffer as long as possible so that they make money. They even charge per question. You are being anti-IV by visiting other forums. I hope you see the difference between them and IV.

    by other forums i meant other forum sections on IV.

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